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We are thrilled to announce KYMT will be relaunching on Tuesday 13th of September with our first rehearsal taking place 7-9pm at St Bryce Kirk. 

Our February production is going to be a very exciting one and we will reveal the show closer to the first rehearsal...

Make sure you are  following our Facebook or Instagram page for updates and more information prior to the first rehearsal.

If anyone has any questions then the best way to get in contact is to message us on our social media accounts, and we can also be reached at

We aim to respond to any messages within 24 hours.

Can I join KYMT?

We will accept new members in September when we start up again.

If you are at high school, then you will be able to join! No experience, application or audition  is needed, and we have no waiting list. So, if you are the right age, and want to join- simply come along in September to be a part of the 2025 show!

How do I join KYMT?

Come along to the first rehearsal in Septemer 2024 at St Bryce Church and complete a membership form. 

When/where are rehearsals?

Rehearsals will begin in September and we rehearse every Tuesday evening 7-9:15pm at St Bryce Church in Kirkcaldy. We also have principal rehearsals on Thursdays, and after the Christmas Holidays we will begin to have chorus rehearsals 1-5 on a Sunday.

We do not rehearse during Fife School Holidays.

During the week of the show there will be a band call on the Monday, a Tech rehearsal on the Tyesday evening, and a dress rehearsal on the Wednesday before the first performance on the Thursday.

When is the show?

The dates for the February 2025 performances are to be confirmed.

Do I have to audition?

No. KYMT operate an open chorus policy which means we do not hold auditions to join the group. However, if you would like a principal role in our show, you will need to audition. We do encourage everyone to audition, as it is great experience and can build your confidence, however we do not ever require anyone to audition.

How much is KYMT?

The first rehearsal is free, and then we charge £2 a week. KYMT also charges an annual £5 membership fee which can be paid in the second week of rehearsals. These fees are to cover the costs of licences for shows, costumes, set, props, band fees, rehearsal spaces, and the final performance venue. 

How can I contact KYMT?

The best way to get in contact is to email us at we can also be reached by messaging us on our social media accounts.

We aim to respond to any messages within 24 hours.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, or in our FAQ page, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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